Image by Nicole Clary Photography

Image by Nicole Clary Photography


The Flower Bar is a full service floral design studio with a passion for color, personality and beauty. We’re inspired by the beauty of the mountains, rivers, trees and flowers that surround us here in Bozeman and harness that inspiration into our designs. Kindness and community is important to us which is why we source our flowers from local and domestic farmers and give back to the community.

Richelle A. Koffman - Owner & Designer

Hello there! I’m Richelle, the Owner & Designer of The Flower Bar. I’ve lived in both Montana and California and love the calmness of the ocean and the majestic peaks of the mountains. When not in the studio, I can be found hiking or backpacking in the beautiful mountains surrounding me, gardening, cooking a delicious dish or working out at one of Bozeman’s wonderful fitness boutiques.

I started The Flower Bar to recreate the first moment I opened a shipment of flowers while working at a flower shop. Every shipment was full of new flowers, new textures, new possibilities and I wanted to share that experience with others.

Let us create something beautiful for any of life’s occasions.