Indoor Plant Design


Did you know that having plants improves productivity and purifies the air? Think of a place you’ve been to, saw a unique plant and thought, “this is so cool! I wish I could have this?” Well you can! Our experienced team can help you create the beautiful botanical addition to your space that will not only turn heads and serve as a conversation piece, but improve the energy in the room! No matter your lighting conditions, our team will curate a package that includes installation and maintenance so that you can continue to enjoy your living space, with no stress!


  • Complementary Consultation
  • Customized Bid
  • Installation
  • Continuing Maintenance
  • The joy of having the best plants in town!


One of the most discouraging things we see is when someone brings home a new plant baby, show it off to all their friends and slowly, watch it die. You water it... it fades. You fertilize it... it fades. You sing to it... it fades. We can empathize with you. However we can help you keep those plant babies thriving! Our Plant Maintenance program provides you with weekly care so that you don’t have to worry anymore and just sit back and enjoy the benefits that plants bring! Our experienced team of horticulturists will develop a care program uniquely tailored to you. This includes watering, pruning and systematically treating your plants while fertilizing regularly, only with the best ORGANIC ingredients, so that your plants can continue to thrive and bring joy to your space! We can apply our Plant Maintenance program to our Plant Design Package or even to plants you currently have!


Have you been obsessing over those Instagram worthy ferns and fiddly figs? How about those incredible moss walls, living walls and succulent tables you’ve seen in design magazines? We can help! Let our creative team design the perfect botanical collection for your home. Be it a living wall, a complete plant overhaul or just a few pieces to bring some color to your space, we can find the right plants for your living conditions. Our plants are complimented with beautiful pottery and interesting containers.


Have you been putting off that long awaited extended vacation because you don’t want all the hard work you put in on your plant collection to end in death upon your arrival home? No worries, we’ve got you! Our experienced team will manage your plants while you’re away so you never have to worry about what you left behind again. Relax in paradise or better yet, stay longer, we’ll take care of your plants.


First of all, plants are cool and we love them. We think the world would be a better place if we had more plants and people who cared about them. But most importantly, you! We care about you and your environment and want you to have a space that is relaxing, full of oxygen and joyful! Plants provide all of that. We have experienced horticulturists who get creative with the design and nerdy with the science to provide the best service to you and match you with the best plants for your space available. We guarantee our installations and if a plant decides throw a tantrum, we will replace with a new one! No questions asked! All of our plants come with a care card so that you can be the most successful with your new baby! I mean, you wouldn’t have a baby without reading some parent books or taking some classes right?