How To Rock The Bridal Walk!

How To Rock The Bridal Walk!

We know how it is. After the flutter of excitement from your engagement and all your friends and family wanting to see your ring, asking how he proposed and then asking the date, you go back to your daily life knowing that you have the most wonderful day of your life ahead. You may have started pinning things on your pinterest board or saved items on instagram and picked out your wedding party but then it hits you. Now you need to plan a dinner party for more than just your immediate family. Then there is the decision of a venue, a band, a cake or cupcakes or donuts? What about food? How many people have food sensitivities? Will there be a vegetarian? Should we have banquet style or a served dinner? What about colors? You’ve loved burgundy and blush but your best friend did that last year and another friend is doing something similar? Should you have different flowers? What about a photographer? How do you pick? What about video? Should you get a videographer? What about rentals? Then the biggest concern… is anyone available!

Don’t stress out. If this is just too much info, hire yourself a wedding coordinator girl. She will save your life and help you with all the other details that you haven’t even thought of. This is probably the first time you’ve ever planned a wedding. They’ve planned hundreds and know exactly every detail. If you don’t want to hire a coordinator, no worries! We have some tips and tricks here to help you nail the bridal walk so you can get the info you need, ask the questions you don’t even know what to ask and walk away inspired and excited for your big day. Wedding planning should be fun so let’s have some fun and get ready to be treated like the guest of honor!

The 411 on the walk
Bridal fairs can be the most convenient way to learn about a myriad of options in one place. From your wedding dress, to getting in shape for it to hair and make up to catering, you’ll find all you need to begin planning your big day. And you know what? We’re excited to meet you! We’re excited to hear about your story and bring a smile to your face. A bridal fair will help you meet the vendors behind the images you follow online. You’ll get to smell the flowers, taste some of the food offerings, feel the dresses, try on jewelry and interact with people who love helping you design and share your individual love story. And there is no better place to do it than downtown Bozeman.
The Bozeman Bridal Walk has been an annual event where over 50 vendors meet downtown and create a wonderful event for brides and her posse to come to partake in wine, hors d’oeuvres and enter to win many prizes! Being face-to-face with vendors has many benefits as you can ask your questions on site? Can my wedding cake be chocolate and gluten free? (of course) can i get an ethically sourced and organic style ring? (you betcha!) Can i get flowers grown locally and a more wildflower look? (absolutely.)
Where else will you be able to feel a wedding gown, taste a cake, sip on rose, check out wedding venues, touch luxurious paper goods and be treated like the honored guest? Vendors will be excited to share with you the services they offer after all, we do this because we love it. Those working in the wedding industry are interested in helping you tell your love story.

Be prepared
As the bridal walk will help you prepare for your wedding day, you should also be prepared for the walk. Always be prepared. There is going to be so much going on that for some, it can be overwhelming. We don’t want you to feel that way. Make a checklist of your required services and design questions that will help streamline your efforts. Check out the list of vendors on the page and mark the ones in order of priority that you want to visit. See where they’re located on the map and try and map it out so that you’re hitting vendors that are close to each other before moving down the map. This will help you so you don’t have to back track so much so you can get in as much as you can. Unless you are an over achiever and want to hit your 25,000 steps goal for the day.

Wear something comfortable. You’re going to be walking around, carrying items, standing and strolling for hours. I know it’s almost spring and you may want to bust out those cute wedges but trust me, your knees and feet will thank you. Bring a backpack or a bag to carry your swag. If you’ve registered, you may get a bag at check in. Make sure you have something comfortable to carry. And above all, make sure your phone has a full charge. There will be so many opportunities to take pictures to save later, and many places will have contests for you to take pics and share on your social media. For example, we will have a photo booth with flower crowns for you and your gal pals to take pic of and share. You won’t want to miss out on that (#flowercrownqueen).
Ready. Set. Go!
You’ve arrived at the event, meeting and greeting florists, event venues, cake decorators, hair and make-up artists and more. When you’re interested in a particular service, make sure you get their contact info including the name and title of the person you’re speaking to. Find out if they would be who you would be working with or and if not, who. If you’re really jamming with a vendor, ask them if your date is available to book with them. Popular vendors fill up quickly. A little tip, listen to which vendors listen to you. A quality vendor should be asking questions about what your vision is, and what you want to avoid. Again, this is all about you (we love that right?) And so don’t be afraid to brag about your day and what excites you! As a florist when working together with people, you want to get a good energy vibe from the person you’ll be working with. Planning your wedding is very intimate and you want to have a team of people who you’ll rely on and trust. Not every vendor will be a good match and that’s totally ok! I’ve had several brides who i’ve referred to other florists because i didn’t think we would be a good fit but i knew someone else’s style who would be able to fit her need.
Make sure you still have your camera! Take pics of displays, services and just have fun! This is a time to go and hang out with your friends, family or partner and check out what Bozeman has to offer! Enjoy the photo booths! Share on social media! Enter into the contests. Do it all!

Post bridal walk bliss
You’ve finished the walk. You’ve had enough cake and appetizers that you can’t possibly eat any more. You’ve tried so many different types of wine and champagne that you’re feeling a little buzzed. You’ve learned more about different types of wedding dress styles that you feel like you could be a judge on a designer fashion show now. Congrats! You’ve made it! You’ve got your notes, your collection of bridal booty, business cards and you’re ready to go home and lay down.
Take the next day or two to let everything process. Then sit with your partner and go over all your notes and swag and begin deciding which vendors, tablescapes, flowers, photographers and ideas left you with an impression? Was it the donut wall or the floral dog collar for your four legged friend? How about the beautiful fully restored 100 year old barn, or perhaps it was the way a certain photographer really captured their clients. Begin putting your wedding vision board together and assembling your dream team. But don’t forget to contact them right away as many book a year in advance.
Be wild. Be free.