The Kindness Project

The Kindness Project

I started The Flower Bar because I wanted to bring beautiful flowers to my community and bring more joy and happiness to the world. Each delivery I make brings a smile to someones face and has such a great meaning. Working as a florist delivering flowers to individuals in Bozeman has made me privy to many conversations that you may not know of someone on the outside. The woman whose son died and receives flowers every year on the anniversary of his death because her friend across the country wants to continue his memory. The brother who hasn’t spoken to his sister in 20 years due to a falling out. The boyfriend who loves his girlfriend and wants to bring her some joy when she has had a bad day. The father who sends his daughter flowers because he loves her and he will always be there for her, no matter what.

These are the stories I love to hear. It’s not about the flowers, it’s about the stories behind the flowers and I love hearing them. Sometimes they make me cry, especially when I receive a hug when I deliver. I’m just a stranger to them but I’ve been part of something that has helped her that day. Stories are not just for individuals that I don’t know. It’s also for the ones you do. Have you ever had a great shopping experience after you’ve been dreading it for weeks? How about that personal trainer who really helped you through depression and getting your body back and feeling more confidence in yourself? Or perhaps it was a teacher who spent extra time helping your child get the information and now they’re raised their grades for have applied and been accepted into college. What about your coworker who stays late, makes sure there is coffee in the breakroom and really brings the team together! These aren’t the stories you hear often on social media or the news. These aren’t the stories that get told often in reviews. This is what I want to change.

The Kindness Project is a movement to spread kindness at school, home and work. Each month I will be delivering flowers to three individuals who have touched someones life in some way. The three categories will be school, home and work.

For school, each month one inspiring teacher or administrator will receive a flower bouquet of seasonal blooms delivered with a handwritten note about why they were nominated. Nominations will come from the public and you can fill out a form and telling the story of why this person has made a difference in your child’s life. I remember many of my teachers and I’ll never forget the impact they had on me, especially through my parents divorce and the bullying I received in middle school. I want to share their stories and reward teachers for all the hard work that they do!

For home, each month one caring and loved individual will receive a seasonal bouquet with a handwritten note on how their presence in someone’s life has been essential. This could be the best friend who helped you get ready for your wedding or was there to take your kids so that you and your husband could have a date night. This could be the realtor who helped your family find the right home for you so that your kids could have a yard. This could be the trainer or counselor who helped you gain confidence back and brought you to where you need to be. Or even the sales clerk who helped you pick out the perfect outfit for a photo shoot or interview. This nomination is for someone who helped you and showed kindness to you.

For work, this one I’m particularly excited about. There are so many amazing employees out there and coming up with a way to recognize someone can be challenging. For this category, employers will nominate an employee that they feel has shown exemplary service, has been a team player and who has lived by the company values. Maybe they got a big sale for the team or perhaps they were able to make an unsatisfied customer happy. Perhaps they founded an internal recycling program or motivated others to be more mindful and sustainable at work. Or perhaps they’re the silent member of the team who does so much in the background and never asks for credit or acknowledgement. No matter the reason, if we didn’t have these amazing team members, our businesses wouldn’t run as well as they would.

So how do you nominate someone? Click the link below and fill out the form to nominate someone in any of the categories! Share this on your social media so we can spread more kindness in our community and bring more attention to the wonderful, positive things that people do in our community!

Deadlines for nominations will be the last day of the month and I will deliver the second week of the month so that I have time to go through all the nominations and choose a story to feature. Each story will be featured on a social media post so that we can all be inspired a little more by someones kindness!