Wedding floral trends that are in — and out — in 2023

Wedding floral trends that are in — and out — in 2023

Believe it or not, the 2023 wedding inquiries have already started rolling in! With that in mind, I’ve been keeping an eye out for the up-and-coming trends in wedding florals, as well as what seems to be on its way out. Interestingly, a lot of these new trends are in complete contrast to the styles of the past few years. Let’s get into it!


1. Smaller Bouquets

In the past few years, huge bouquets seemed to be all the rage. I’m the number one advocate of flowers, but even I think less is more when it comes to a bridal bouquet. The bride is the main focus of the day, and the flowers are meant to complement her, not drown her out. Thoughtfully choosing eye-catching blooms and arranging them in an intentional and creative way highlights the bride as she makes her way down the aisle. Here are a few gorgeous examples:


2. Floral Blocking

I might have made this phrase up, but the trend is real! When arranging floral installations like ground altar pieces, arches, and aisle pieces, sectioning them by color and type draws the eye in. Sometimes, when you design something that’s evenly spread out, aspects of the piece get lost. However, if you arrange the delphinium in a cluster and roses in another cluster, that keeps things interesting!


3. Unique Color Schemes

While white flowers are classy and will never go out style, there are plenty of unique color schemes that will make your day more fun! I like to call my current favorite color scheme “Muted Sunset.” It includes pastel oranges, peaches, pinks, blues, and purples. I also love a lavender and peachy-orange color scheme, as they’re opposites on the color wheel and really pop together. Another trend I’m loving is a stark contrast in colors. If you’re committed to neutrals, I think focusing on creams and beiges rather than all whites looks much more deluxe and multi-dimensional. See examples of all of these color schemes below.


4. Trailing Ribbon

This has been in style for a couple of years now, but I absolutely love the look of trailing ribbon. I’m especially partial to a raw-edge silk chiffon ribbon in a muted tone. It adds extra detail and is such a romantic, delicate touch.


5. Hanging Installations

This is my all time favorite thing to do to warm up a more industrial venue. If your reception venue feels a little cold, or if it just has high ceilings, consider hanging installations! It’s unique, transforms your venue, and makes your wedding stand out. Make sure to ask your venue coordinator their policy on hanging pieces, and see if they have the tools for your florist to install them (like a scissor lift).



1. Pampas Grass

I think we can all agree that pampas grass has had its moment. If you’re still interested in adding texture and some dried touches to your big day, I urge you to keep it just that: touches. Going overboard with dried florals won’t age well, and pampas grass is invasive in many areas! Not to mention how expensive it is! There are so many cool grasses out there; adding in some dried features to your fresh arrangements is a great way to get that western look out here in Montana.


2. Spending your budget on things just because they’re tradition

I can’t tell you the amount of clients who have asked me whether or not they need to order corsages and boutonnieres or who is supposed to have them. In my opinion, corsages and boutonnieres are a nice gesture, but are certainly not necessary. I think the same thing about reception centerpieces. I would much rather put my budget toward a beautiful altar piece and a unique bar installation rather than arrangements for guest tables (which adds up quickly) because it feels like something I should have. Opt for a collection of hurricane vases and pillar candles and put your floral budget toward something that will be photographed a lot and create a memorable guest experience. Here are a few ideas that do just that.


3. Bud Vases

Another thing a lot of clients ask me is “how much will I save if I do bud vases on tables rather than an arrangement?”. Short answer: not much. Basically, the amount of labor and the price of multiple vases per table essentially evens out with one centerpiece arrangement. Pops of flowers on the table also don’t save you money in the long run, along with loose greens or garland. Garland is actually quite pricey! If you’re trying to save money, opt for a candle collection instead. This will also create an intimate, romantic atmosphere!


4. Foam

At The Flower Bar, we do everything we can to minimize our environmental impact. We compost all of our flower scraps, use chicken wire instead of foam in our daily designs, and opt for more sustainable materials when building large installations. Floral foam is actually made of plastic, creating microplastics when broken down which harms humans and aquatic life. We’ve been experimenting with soaked sheet moss, reusable water tubes, OshunPouches, and AgraWool. While these have higher price points, their environmental impact is so much better. Floral foam is decidedly out in 2023!


5. Heavy Greenery

This might be because I look at flowers more than the average person, but I’m ready to see less greenery in 2023. Specifically, less eucalyptus! There are so many delicate types of greenery (like jasmine vine) and so many greenery alternatives to consider! I think a lot of people believe that going heavier on the greens will help budget-wise. However, greenery is not cheap! Going for a minimal look with your blooms and not overdoing it on the greens will give the flowers more of a chance to shine. Even if the bouquet or arch piece is a bit smaller without a ton of greens, a more elevated, intentional look is created. Below are some examples of greenery alternatives and designs with lighter touches of greens.