A La Carte... A La AWESOME

A La Carte... A La AWESOME

In 2024, experts predict that there will be 2.2 weddings this year. Sure that seems like a lot but what does that mean for our little corner of the world here in Bozeman? Well there can be between 20-30 weddings a weekend in the area of

Bozeman, Big Sky and Paradise Valley. That’s a lot of florists, HMU, bakers, caterers, DJ’s, photographers, wedding planners, event rentals and more running all over our valley creating some of the most magical memories of someone’s life. With our ever growing valley and desire for destination weddings, more and more weddings are coming here but the number of vendors doesn’t grow as much. 

A few years ago I looked at the number of florists in our area and the number of weddings to match and realized there was an opportunity for a new service that was convenient, beautiful and fun for our couples. While I can’t do every wedding every weekend (I did that my first year and it killed me), I can still help many couples create beautiful flower experiences for their wedding. 

The A La Carte menu came from a desire to meet couples who couldn’t meet our minimum for full service weddings but still loved our style and didn’t want to DIY it themselves. It’s a match of beauty and convenience so we can help more couples this way with their florals while being able to be intentional with our full service weddings. 

So let’s talk about what the A La Carte menu is. It is an offering we provide where you can select all the florals for your wedding with the click of a button. We have created six different color palette options based on the most popular requests we get from couples. We’ve created pieces from arch florals and flower meadows to

bud vases and centerpieces. The items available were selected from the most popular requests we get, the trends that are happening and what looks stunning at our beautiful venues. All pieces are designed to easily set up, you can assign your over excited Aunt to help out that day or to get some of the cousins involved with setting up the ceremony. We’ve had clients order just a boutonniere and bridal bouquet for an elopement to the couple that ordered $15,000 from our a la carte menu and just wanted bud vases, centerpieces and aisle markers but had a large family that wanted to do something the day of the wedding. It’s really for anyone! 

For example we’ve had someone’s grandpa come in and get the flowers, aunts and other family members set up the centerpieces and then brothers not in the bridal party have a good time setting up the arch pieces outside. We show you how to set up and give you the supplies to make it successful as if we were there! 

You don’t have to wait for us to research, email and get back to you, look at our calendar availability and so on in order to lock in your flowers! You can just go on our website, sit with a glass of champagne or coffee and order your wedding flowers. Spend a few days going over it but the best part, you can always add to it. We’ve had couples order additional items weeks after their initial order because they decided they wanted something. Same with canceling items. The great thing about the A La Carte menu is that it’s flexible and you can go at your own pace. 

All though we don't offer customizations (teal flowers, cascading bouquets, a spiral red rose bouquet with pearl drops and other crazy requests), we are open to some inspiration from you. You're able to send us 5 images from your inspo board (or Pinterest link) and we can take inspiration from that. We can't promise specifics (peonies in October or Lily of the Valley), but your wedding is special and we want you to feel comfortable about it. If you have any questions, we're here to help so give us a call, we can explain it more to you! 

If you’re interested our A La Carte menu, please check out at https://theflower.bar/collections/wedding-a-la-carte-flowers and start building your dream wedding. If you have any questions, please feel free to chat with us at 406-595-6138.