About Us

At The Flower Bar, we believe many people feel unrecognized, alone and unappreciated. Not being recognized or appreciated makes people feel sad and lonely with no hope.  
When someone is surprised with flowers, they come alive because someone else thought of them with kindness and appreciation.  
Sending a simple arrangement can surprise and delight someone that the effects last for days and will trickle down to others that they know, spreading more kindness into the world.  
When someone receives flowers, Kindness Blooms!  
I started The Flower Bar because I wanted to celebrate all of life's occasions, the way I did while growing up. My family loved to entertain and send cards for any reason; Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Pray for Snow, End of Snow and so on. Nothing makes me happier than being able to bring a smile to someone's face and surprise them for any occasion. These types of acts of kindness are what makes our community so special and strong. It’s what brings together friendship and family. It’s what helps us keep on when times are hard and feel proud when we achieve our dreams. At The Flower Bar, it is our joy to be able to help you spread love and joy in our community and bring someone alive!  
Thank you for your time and we look forward to building a better world through flowers with you. Let Kindness Bloom!