Lavender Lemonade (May)

Lavender Lemonade (May)

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Lavender Lemonade evokes a serene vibe with soft purples reminiscent of blooming lavender fields, complemented by vibrant yellows reminiscent of freshly squeezed lemons. The palette captures the essence of relaxation and refreshment, blending the calming tones of lavender with the invigorating brightness of lemon.

Each size increase comes in a bigger container, more flowers and more premium blooms.

Vase arrangements available in Luxury, Ultra Premium, Premium, Deluxe and Standard

Wraps available in Deluxe, Standard and Petite


This Menu is NOT AVAILABLE May 9-11 during Mother's Day. 

Have a special request? Let us know in the notes during checkout and we will do our best to meet them. Not all requests can be fulfilled due to availability. 

* All flowers vary based on seasonality and availability. 
**This photo provides an example of size and style for reference.

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